Sawanotsuru Junmai Yamadanishiki Sake 720mL

Sawanotsuru Junmai Yamadanishiki Sake 720mL

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This is Sawanotsuru's every day Junmai. Yamadanishiki (the king of Sake rice) is used generously. By using Yamadanishiki rice, this sake has depth of flavour with sweet fruity aromas such as peach and white nectar. Warm fermentation temperature encourages the development of flavours in Sake. Local hard water called 'Miyamizu' (more mineral contents in natural water) give soft texture and a clean and dry finish.Food Suggestion:Wagyu beef steak, stew, Tonkatsu or Beefkatsu. Strong miso or soy sauce flavoured dishes such as teriyaki, sukiyaki or miso hot pot. Traditional Japanese foods such as Tuna sashimi and fresh oyster with ginger and shallot dressing

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