Aether Australian Vodka 700ml

Aether Australian Vodka 700ml

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Grown under the Australia sky - Aether vodka is made in Australia using premium Australian wheat. The ancient Greeks believed that way up in the sky, the gods breathed lighter and purer air than the rest of us mortals, and they called it Aether.This inspired the very talented team at The Gospel, makers of Australia’s finest rye whiskeys, to make a crystal clear vodka that seems not to be of this world. Aether (pronounced “eether”) vodka is hand-made in Melbourne from Victorian wheat. It’s column-distilled and then filtered through charcoal made from coconut husks. After that it’s further filtered through limestone and then lovingly hand bottled. Australia’s first cool-climate vodka, Aether is all about purity, clarity and the cleanest of clean tastes. Designed for Australia’s favourite mixed drink: Vodka and Soda.

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