Jeanneret Watervale Riesling

Jeanneret Watervale Riesling


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Clare Valley, SA.

Leaping, and I mean leaping out of the glass are aromas of citrus and white flowers and a very complex and savoury element of umami that I absolutely love in Riesling and don’t know how it gets there. Some years, great years, it just does. And, in this instance, it carries to the palate where it contributes massively to the mouthfeel with a delicious and mouth-wateringly saltiness. This is an enormous wine in every respect. The nose has so much going on it’s almost confusing (in a great way) and the palate is absolutely huge, textured, zippy, fresh and rich and absolutely delicious. One to cellar? I think so and I’m looking forward to seeing it in 10 years.

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