Archie Rose x Horisumi Autumn Gin

Archie Rose x Horisumi Autumn Gin

Archie Rose

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Sydney, NSW

In collaboration with acclaimed tattoo artist, Horisumi, Horisumi - Autumn is the first in a series of four rare gins, which celebrate the uniqueness of each Japanese season.

Inspired by a mutual respect for nature and the hand forged, Horisumi - Autumn accentuates the spice-driven notes of red miso, sesame seed and sansho pepper, making for a complex, savoury gin.

With an emphasis on deeper, earthy characteristics underpinned by spice, Horisumi - Autumn offers gentle warmth as the evenings begin to cool.

Taking cues from Japanese ingredients, the result is a spice driven style of gin with juniper present but playing a supporting role to these characteristics.

A versatile gin, forgo the tonic and try it with soda and your choice of citrus garnish – pomelo would be our pick. It also makes for a mean Negroni or get creative with a Martini and substitute umeshu for vermouth.


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